Marmots of the World

All marmots live in the northern hemisphere. Each species account contains the location, status, and a brief behavioral and ecological sketch. Marmots live in a variety of social systems ranging from the mostly solitary groundhog to those highly social species where offspring from several years live together with their parents and, in the case of alpine marmots, may help rear younger siblings. When alarmed by predators (raptors, carnivores, people) all marmots whistle or chirp. These species-specific vocalizations are refered to as alarm calls. Photographs and alarm calls (saved as .aiff files) for each species, when available, are provided and you can directly link to the entire collection.

Old World Marmots

(distribution map)

Marmota baibacina -- gray or Altai marmot

Marmota bobac -- bobac or steppe marmot

Marmota camtschatica -- black-capped marmot

Marmota caudata -- long-tailed marmot (M. caudata aurea -- golden or red marmot)

Marmota himalayana -- Himalayan marmot

Marmota marmota -- alpine marmot

Marmota menzbieri -- Menzbier's marmot

Marmota sibirica -- tarvaga, tarbagan or Mongolian marmot

New World Marmots

(distribution map)

Marmota broweri -- Alaska, Brower's or Brooks Range marmot

Marmota caligata -- hoary marmot

Marmota flaviventris -- yellow-bellied marmot

Marmota monax -- woodchuck or groundhog

Marmota olympus -- Olympic marmot

Marmota vancouverensis -- Vancouver Island marmot

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