To easily visualize and hear marmot diversity (or lack of it), here are all the original sounds and photos housed in The Marmot Burrow. Alarm calls are saved as .aiff documents--most plug-ins should be able to play them.

A Scream of Alarm Calls


Alpine marmot

start-hi, four note (D.T.B.).


Long-tailed marmot

five-note golden marmot alarm call from the Karakoram (D.T.B.), three note long-tailed marmot call from the Altai (Alexander Nikolskii).


Steppe marmot

recorded by Alexander Nikolskii.


recorded by Alexander Nikolskii.

Altai marmot

recorded by Alexander Nikolskii.

Menzbier's marmot

recorded by Alexander Nikolskii.

Black-capped marmot

recorded by T. Litzina and Alexander Nikolskii.

Olympic marmot

ascending, descending, flat, and trill (D.T.B.).


Hoary marmot

ascending, descending, flat, and trill (D.T.B.)


Yellow-bellied marmot

chuck, whistle, and trill (D.T.B.).


Vancouver Island marmot

ascending, descending, flat, trill, and kee-aw (D.T.B.).


Alaska marmot

long call (Robert Rausch).



chutter (J.E. Lloyd).

A Rogues' Gallery of Marmots

Hoary marmot (K.B.A.).

Hoary marmot stuffing its face on Mt. Rainier (Alan Turner).


Yellow-bellied marmot alarm calling in Colorado (D.T.B.).


Golden marmot alarm calling in Khunjerab National Park, Pakistan (D.T.B.).


Alpine marmot looking in Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany (D.T.B.).


Bobac marmot on the steppes of the Ukraine (K.B.A.).


Mongolian marmot looking around Mongolia (B&W photo by: J. Batbold).


Himalayan marmot on alert in India (Photo: K.J. Singh ).


Vancouver Island marmot (K.B.A.).


Olympic marmot -- (C) Copyright Jennifer Yu, 1995, all rights reserved. This photo may not be copied for commercial use without the express written permission of Jennifer Yu (


Groundhog from Ohio (D.T.B.).

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