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The International Marmot Network web site is currently being constructed in France. When finished, it will have information in English, French, Italian, and Russian. Currently it houses the most complete marmot bibliography as well as some outstanding photos and maps.


By far the most has been written about groundhogs. For instance, there's plenty of groundhog day information, photographs and t-shirts of neighborhood hogs, and other commerical stuff to keep you going!

There are several home pages put together by the town and/or residents of Punxsutawney; they move around a bit so try searching for them. Punxsutawney is not the only place where groundhogs are worshipped, nor is Phil the only weather prognosticator. In the Canadian town of Wiarton on the Bruce Penninsula of Lake Huron lives Wiarton Willie, an albino groundhog! The town's got, among other things, a large white statue of their famous albino groundhog. And, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin logs in with Jimmy, the groundhog.

You know how the web is. There used to be an on-line game Hit The Groundhog, but it trundled away recently. You still might want to check out this groundhog recipe.

'Chucks aren't just for eatin' any more! Did you know that in Vermont, a woodchuck is a local name for a "redneck"!?

Vancouver Island Marmots

The award-winning Vancouver Island Marmot web site is a spectacular website with a considerable amount of information and fabulous photographs.

Yellow-bellied Marmots

Here's a photograph of a yellow-bellied marmot, a common alpine resident, on Niwot Ridge along with information about the fauna of Niwot Ridge, Colorado.

Hoary Marmots

Did you know that hoary marmots are sometimes called 'tundra bears'? Plenty of other information about them is available here.

Olympic Marmots

Olympic marmot from Olympic National Park's photo album highlighting park photographers.

Himalayan Marmots

Photos and some information about Himalayan marmots compiled by Karamjeet Singh.

Miscellaneous Links

For more information on marmots and more generally squirrels, The Squirrel Page is a great place to visit as is a page of squirrel links.

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